Monday, December 30, 2013

this child is a water child even in the frigid north pacific waters

i pretended i was in Bali (much more exciting than ho hum, down the road from where we live).

our neighboring volcano

my beautiful father (all vices aside)

More baby spiders. Somehow, if you think of spiders as babies, they're no longer scary.

If we are lucky we grow old. And brave. And graceful. And humble. Old age scares me only because I lack so many qualities it requires.

ground control to major ben



I love this picture. It instantly reminded me of every single time I put my head back and put my hand out the window to ride the air and imagine things in my mind. The smell of the breeze, whether it was the refineries in south philly, the pig slaughter house in Bridesburg, or the smell of green on the way to Poverty camp with the Salvo. : )

neighborhood street

i always knew trees had spirits, ben saw them long ago in the sequoias: tree orbs

mama's hands

Mama, on the west coast

today, in my life.

prince teddy and prince ben

In my life: beauty

In my life: Mr. Spider, you were very busy in my garden. just so.

home sweet home

friends: no eye contact required